Nature, and Motions , Are everything, Our Mission is, to make MAGIC, Our Strategy, is TO CONNECT, AND, COLLABORATE, Because


A cooperative freelance initiative, dedicated to immersive medias and virtual experiences.

Composed and created by freelancers with multi-complementary skills , we work for cinema and brands, behind nature and motions oriented content as pillars.
Octopus provides high quality immersive digital content, augmented and virtual reality experiences. We create value on any situation providing immersivity as a core, for any type of virtual experiences.
We as a cooperative network accelerate and incubate your project with the latest workflows and the right peoples who will make the difference as a team, created to match your needs in terms of flexibility, performances and quality expectation. We open now the opportunity to freelancers and companies to work with us on dedicated open labs and customer sprints.


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